Sunday, January 01, 2006

Part 2 of the 2005 Blogging Year Recap

Part one is here.


Katrina Blew In The Political Rhetoric
A Different Country
A Comment about Looting
Global Warming and Hurricanes
Where to Give
White House and Flood Control
Accountability- Beating the Dead Horse
Some Quotes That Resonate With Me
Killer Whale Uses Fish As Bait to Catch Seagulls
National Geographic on the N.O. Levees
It is An Angry World But I am Thankful
Shaking My Head
My Rant- Screw You
The Dating Life
She Should Have Stuck to Professional Wrestling
Gilligan is Dead
Jack's Experience In the Ladies Room
Political and Chain Emails- Family and Friend Spam
Beard and Mustache Champions
The Science Of Firewalking
Beef Jerky
A Criminal's Dream
The Outsiders- 20 Years Later
Where Are You From?
September 11 Musings
Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist
It is G-d's Will
Married in a Previous Life
The State of Affairs- Comments and Questions
Dealing With Hormones- Teenage Sex
Dear Smoker
Curious George- A Family Favorite
Thirty-One Years of Friendship
Random Musings
Unetaneh Tokef- Jack Rambles On
Saying goodbye and Odds and Ends
It Is Only Water
Filed Under What Was She Thinking
Simon Wiesenthal- Rest In Peace
Somewhat Haunting
A Story of Two Souls Searching to Merge
What Do You Hope To Accomplish
A War On Pornography
My Son 'The Killer'
My Toughest Critic
My Grandparents, Stress and Stuff
A Simpson's Moment
King Tut, Dual Identities and More
A Test of Wills Between Father & Son
Altruistic Behavior and Public Service
His Dying Wish
Is Islam Influencing Your Life?
A Singing Fool
Giant Squid Photos
Jack Is Confronted
Letter to Palestinians
The mehitza- A Deterrent to Assimilation
Southern Baptists Offensive & I Mean Offensive

It Is Not My Thong
Sukkah Sam
Hot Dog
The New Year
A Few Things To Ponder
Python Bursts After Trying to Eat Gator
Spinning In Circles- I Am The Anti-witness
Air Force Sued Over Religious Intolerance
Posts From Around The Web that Caught My Eye
Bush: U.S. Has Disrupted 10 Al Qaeda Plots
Is Sex Necessary? Can you Have Too Much?
What is There to Live For
Al Qaeda's Plans
A Very Powerful Post
Random Musings about This and That
A Third Bomber, Bush and Al-Qaeda
I Had a Dream
From Around The Web
Actors With Bad Accents
Spelling, Spelling, Spelling
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development & Lost
Ghostbusters Come To Life
The Akedah Revisited
Southern Baptist Bunk
More about Al Qaeda's Plans
Euthanasia in New Orleans
Yom Kippur Thoughts and Musings
First the Baptists and Now The Catholics
A Good Car Crash Is One That You Walk Away From
Another Meme- 7 Things
The Hanging Toe Nail
Stallone Agrees To Star in Rocky 49
What If I Had Died- Reflections On The Accident
One sided friendship
Personal Versus Political
Does Religion Matter Any More?
What I am Reading Now
I Have Been "Yanked"
Rosa Parks
Sorted and Mute
Values & Things I Think about
Cell Phone Hell
ATM Charges
Lost & Lonely
Letting Go
It is Almost Erev Halloween- A Few Thoughts
Who is To Plame for This
Faith Versus Science
Things that Frighten Me
What is A College Degree Worth
Bush and Judge Alito

Truth In Politics
Frappr Me
Scooby Doo
Shakira- La Tortura
Thoughts About Alito
MoneyBall-Using Math in Sports
Former FEMA Head Should Be Jailed
The Strength of Some People Is Amazing
France Is Burning
The GermoPhobe
Haveil Havalim #43
Meeting Challenges Head On
Mr Nobody Made Me Do it
Old Is “New” Warfare
Random Notes
Want To Know Where To Store Peanut Butter
More Signs of Moral Relativism
Links and Thoughts
How To Deal With a Bully
People Think That They Are Logical But Are Not
History's Most Underrated Inventions
Karl Malone & Hurricane Katrina
Physical Exercise
Top Ten Creation Myths
Some Things I'll Teach My Children
Unfulfilled Dreams
Ego- Underestimating Your Opponent
Happy Holidays is An Appropriate Greeting
My Reward
How Many Readers Have Been To a Drive-in?
Does Judaism Need G-d?
CIA Torture Techniques
You Don't Smell Like Daddy
It is Only Money
Kurt Vonnegut has Lost his Mind
Should English Be Our National Language
Wheel of Fortune Used To be Better
How Much Do You Spend on Entertainment?
How I Write
Interfaith Relationships- Jews and Christians Misunderstood Again
Family Can be Stressful
Goodbye Mr. Miyagi
Selective Memories
Sex At the Synagogue- An Oral Report
Is There A Real War on Christmas
The Internet's Impact Upon Sex & Relationships
Searching for My Muse
Life is a Journey
Will They Know Me- I Am Going To Die
Parents- List Your Child's Most Irritating Toy/Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Should Autopsy Photos Be Made Public

Pope May Abolish Limbo
Western Woman Becomes Suicide Bomber
Sex in The News
Eternal Life
How I Cook
Thoughts about the Holiday Season From the Other Side
Actors From The 80s
Eat Whatever You Want
Do you Have Blog Envy?
Happy Holidays Continued
A Sex Survey
Titanic Might Have Sank Faster Than Previously Thought
At Least We Have Ikea
911- What Lessons Were Learned
Russia Confirms Sale of Missiles to Iran
New Mammal Discovered in Borneo
'X3' - I am looking forward to Seeing This
A Silly Confession
Some Stories that Caught my Eye
Passwords, Passwords, Passwords
Too Much Content
Give me Coke with Extra Caffeine
One More Confession
'It is Not In The Constitution'
Stanley Tookie Williams Part 2
Why I Blog
Another Music Meme
Five Simple Pleasures
My Favorite Episode of Scooby-Doo
Richard Pryor- RIP
JIB Awards 2005
Yelling on The CellPhone
Off Color Holiday Humor
How Many Blogs Do You Read?
Stories that Caught My Eye
Blogging for Me or For Awards
I Confess
Missing the Heyday
I am Rich, Rich, Rich
Trolling for Women- A Message to Men
When Fantasy is Foiled by Reality
Blogging Without Direction
Bob Denver is not related to John Denver
Ignore Him at Your Own Peril
Dangerous Animals
Bush Says That He Is Responsible
Costco Revisited
A Look Back
And the Silence is Deafening
I Beat Santa To a Bloody Pulp
Why The Mona Lisa Smiles
Did I Really Write/Say That
Quotes That I enjoy
Cordless Phones
When Santa Claus Goes Wild
Peace In Our Time- Peace In The Middle East
Researchers Find Barbie Is Often Mutilated
Floating on a Raft
Fall in love and risk a police thrashing
Mexico Promises to Block Border Wall Plan
Things That Keep Me Awake At Night
My Daughter
Misguided Notion about War
Blogging With Reckless Abandon
Friday Is International Lurker's Day
I Must Not Be Symmetrical
Math- What Is It Good For
Music of The Evening
The Right Thing to Say
Addicted to Love
A Quick Flashback Versus New Material
Jewish Mysteries-Our Connection and The New Year
Oh Chanukah- Some Assembly Required
He Says it Better than I Would
Tearing Toilet Paper on Shabbos
Random WebSites You Might Enjoy
Five Years Ago
Do I Really Look Like That
100 things we didn't know this time last year

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