Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mark Steyn On Multiculturalism

"In a more culturally confident age, the British in India were faced with the practice of "suttee" - the tradition of burning widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. Gen. Sir Charles Napier was impeccably multicultural:

"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: When men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks, and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

This makes sense to me. It ties in well with stories about converts who face death sentences, riots based on cartoons or murders of people because of their ethnicity/religion. The time is coming when we are going to have to make a decision whether to push or be pushed.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Part 2 of the 2005 Blogging Year Recap

Part one is here.


Katrina Blew In The Political Rhetoric
A Different Country
A Comment about Looting
Global Warming and Hurricanes
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Shaking My Head
My Rant- Screw You
The Dating Life
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Gilligan is Dead
Jack's Experience In the Ladies Room
Political and Chain Emails- Family and Friend Spam
Beard and Mustache Champions
The Science Of Firewalking
Beef Jerky
A Criminal's Dream
The Outsiders- 20 Years Later
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September 11 Musings
Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist
It is G-d's Will
Married in a Previous Life
The State of Affairs- Comments and Questions
Dealing With Hormones- Teenage Sex
Dear Smoker
Curious George- A Family Favorite
Thirty-One Years of Friendship
Random Musings
Unetaneh Tokef- Jack Rambles On
Saying goodbye and Odds and Ends
It Is Only Water
Filed Under What Was She Thinking
Simon Wiesenthal- Rest In Peace
Somewhat Haunting
A Story of Two Souls Searching to Merge
What Do You Hope To Accomplish
A War On Pornography
My Son 'The Killer'
My Toughest Critic
My Grandparents, Stress and Stuff
A Simpson's Moment
King Tut, Dual Identities and More
A Test of Wills Between Father & Son
Altruistic Behavior and Public Service
His Dying Wish
Is Islam Influencing Your Life?
A Singing Fool
Giant Squid Photos
Jack Is Confronted
Letter to Palestinians
The mehitza- A Deterrent to Assimilation
Southern Baptists Offensive & I Mean Offensive

It Is Not My Thong
Sukkah Sam
Hot Dog
The New Year
A Few Things To Ponder
Python Bursts After Trying to Eat Gator
Spinning In Circles- I Am The Anti-witness
Air Force Sued Over Religious Intolerance
Posts From Around The Web that Caught My Eye
Bush: U.S. Has Disrupted 10 Al Qaeda Plots
Is Sex Necessary? Can you Have Too Much?
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A Third Bomber, Bush and Al-Qaeda
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First the Baptists and Now The Catholics
A Good Car Crash Is One That You Walk Away From
Another Meme- 7 Things
The Hanging Toe Nail
Stallone Agrees To Star in Rocky 49
What If I Had Died- Reflections On The Accident
One sided friendship
Personal Versus Political
Does Religion Matter Any More?
What I am Reading Now
I Have Been "Yanked"
Rosa Parks
Sorted and Mute
Values & Things I Think about
Cell Phone Hell
ATM Charges
Lost & Lonely
Letting Go
It is Almost Erev Halloween- A Few Thoughts
Who is To Plame for This
Faith Versus Science
Things that Frighten Me
What is A College Degree Worth
Bush and Judge Alito

Truth In Politics
Frappr Me
Scooby Doo
Shakira- La Tortura
Thoughts About Alito
MoneyBall-Using Math in Sports
Former FEMA Head Should Be Jailed
The Strength of Some People Is Amazing
France Is Burning
The GermoPhobe
Haveil Havalim #43
Meeting Challenges Head On
Mr Nobody Made Me Do it
Old Is “New” Warfare
Random Notes
Want To Know Where To Store Peanut Butter
More Signs of Moral Relativism
Links and Thoughts
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People Think That They Are Logical But Are Not
History's Most Underrated Inventions
Karl Malone & Hurricane Katrina
Physical Exercise
Top Ten Creation Myths
Some Things I'll Teach My Children
Unfulfilled Dreams
Ego- Underestimating Your Opponent
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My Reward
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Does Judaism Need G-d?
CIA Torture Techniques
You Don't Smell Like Daddy
It is Only Money
Kurt Vonnegut has Lost his Mind
Should English Be Our National Language
Wheel of Fortune Used To be Better
How Much Do You Spend on Entertainment?
How I Write
Interfaith Relationships- Jews and Christians Misunderstood Again
Family Can be Stressful
Goodbye Mr. Miyagi
Selective Memories
Sex At the Synagogue- An Oral Report
Is There A Real War on Christmas
The Internet's Impact Upon Sex & Relationships
Searching for My Muse
Life is a Journey
Will They Know Me- I Am Going To Die
Parents- List Your Child's Most Irritating Toy/Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Should Autopsy Photos Be Made Public

Pope May Abolish Limbo
Western Woman Becomes Suicide Bomber
Sex in The News
Eternal Life
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Eat Whatever You Want
Do you Have Blog Envy?
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A Sex Survey
Titanic Might Have Sank Faster Than Previously Thought
At Least We Have Ikea
911- What Lessons Were Learned
Russia Confirms Sale of Missiles to Iran
New Mammal Discovered in Borneo
'X3' - I am looking forward to Seeing This
A Silly Confession
Some Stories that Caught my Eye
Passwords, Passwords, Passwords
Too Much Content
Give me Coke with Extra Caffeine
One More Confession
'It is Not In The Constitution'
Stanley Tookie Williams Part 2
Why I Blog
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My Favorite Episode of Scooby-Doo
Richard Pryor- RIP
JIB Awards 2005
Yelling on The CellPhone
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Stories that Caught My Eye
Blogging for Me or For Awards
I Confess
Missing the Heyday
I am Rich, Rich, Rich
Trolling for Women- A Message to Men
When Fantasy is Foiled by Reality
Blogging Without Direction
Bob Denver is not related to John Denver
Ignore Him at Your Own Peril
Dangerous Animals
Bush Says That He Is Responsible
Costco Revisited
A Look Back
And the Silence is Deafening
I Beat Santa To a Bloody Pulp
Why The Mona Lisa Smiles
Did I Really Write/Say That
Quotes That I enjoy
Cordless Phones
When Santa Claus Goes Wild
Peace In Our Time- Peace In The Middle East
Researchers Find Barbie Is Often Mutilated
Floating on a Raft
Fall in love and risk a police thrashing
Mexico Promises to Block Border Wall Plan
Things That Keep Me Awake At Night
My Daughter
Misguided Notion about War
Blogging With Reckless Abandon
Friday Is International Lurker's Day
I Must Not Be Symmetrical
Math- What Is It Good For
Music of The Evening
The Right Thing to Say
Addicted to Love
A Quick Flashback Versus New Material
Jewish Mysteries-Our Connection and The New Year
Oh Chanukah- Some Assembly Required
He Says it Better than I Would
Tearing Toilet Paper on Shabbos
Random WebSites You Might Enjoy
Five Years Ago
Do I Really Look Like That
100 things we didn't know this time last year

An Explanation about the Recap

I had posted this on my main blog but all of the links were making the page drag so I created this new blog for the sole purpose of serving as a catchall for things I want to remember.

2005 End of the Year Recap Part 1

It is finally here, the mother of all posts and frankly coming up with this has been a mother. I haven't enjoyed it all that much because I have found it to be tedious. In general I don't like reading things I have written because they almost never measure up. Invariably I find myself cringing and asking why I wrote something or wondering why I didn't do better. It is just uncomfortable.

On top of that I have so much material that I was really torn about how much to include. Believe it or not I left out quite a bit and yet this is still a monster post. On top of that the recap only goes through August. I may decide to include the last quarter of the year but I may not. There is only so much that I can take. Not to mention that I seem to be exceptionally repetitive.

If you really like what you read you can always sift through the archives or just hang out and wait for the next batch to come. And without further ado I bring you the recap:

In January I wrote a number of posts about a variety of topics they include:
Signs of Intelligence
I don't Know My Own Strength
Blog Awards
Odds and Ends
Ralph Waldo Emerson
True Fear
The Search For Answers About Our Ourselves
The Jewish People- We are losing our Mind
Tsunami Aid
Baseball Hall of Fame Voting
My Past Is My Present
The growing assault on Ivrit (Hebrew)
Anti-Semitism Rising, State Dept.
Some Posts are Hard to Read
Parental Responsibilities- Education
Protective Big Brother
Love That Takes Your Breath Away
Make Her Feel Like a Woman- A joke
Ways to Fight Racism
Men, Our Emotions and Dating
He Squished My Cupcake- More on the Sins of the Father are visited Upon the Son
Exporting Terror To Europe
Won't You take me To Funkytown
The Best Thing for the Jewish People
The Choices We Make In Life- I could have been In Israel
The Frustration of being Good but not Good Enough
Blogging- What Do You Really know about the Blogger
The Last 10 Songs I listened To this Evening
TWA Flight 800
Random Quotes
Mudslide, Tsunami, Aniston, Pitt, Floods and More
Hebrew Literacy
Ghost Riders in The Sky
Jewish-Black Ties Loosen Over Years
A Peaceful "Counter Terrorism Protest"
60th anniversary of Raoul Wallenbergs Disappearance
O'Reilly is Still Bugged By Christmas
Gay Marriage
Music Questions
Dati or Lo Dati- To be Religous or not to Be
Is Belief in G-d Required
Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby
A Moment In Time- Perspective for the coming Shabbos
SpongeBob Is Not Gay
Al Qaeda Texts to Be Published in U.S. Book
Too Much Sex? Weigh the Benefits
Johnny Carson- Not an Obituary
Besheret- The Concept of Meeting the Perfect Mate
How To Explain Hate to a Child
Faith in G-d
Life is Precious- Live it Well
The Burning Anger
The Life I Could Of Had
The Secret of the Venus Flytrap
Interrogation Tactics
The Mechitzah
Hannah Senesh
The Future of Judaism
Classic Quotes
I Am Numb, How Can I Not Be
Love Makes You Feel like a Fool
A Graphic Message- It Stinks

In February

Samurai Samba
Television's Impact On Children
Most International Aid Wasted, Say Agencies
Improved Commenting?
Fragments of Fiction- A New Installment
G-d Speaks or Maybe it is Just Coincidence
Canada's Posturing
Genocide in the Sudan
Struggling With Keeping Kosher/Shabbos
Watch The Dukes of Hazzard and Earn Big Money
Fragments of Fiction- A New Entry
Jewish Philanthropy
Things My Four-Year-Old Has Done
The Impact of Parenting On Your Own Growth
Georgie- Fragments of Fiction
Shame On America
Manipulating The Numbers
Quotes For The Evening
Bad Blogging- Also Known As This Stuff Sucks
A Journey With No Destination in Mind
The Case For G-d- Or Why Be Good
With Reckless Abandon
Buck- Fragments of Fiction Continued
Jewish View of the Afterlife
American Accents- Not Always Well Liked
Study Suggests Whales May Be Related to Hippos
Married for More Than 70 Years
Inside the Blogger's Studio- A Dream, Er Nightmare
The Dead Horse is Beaten Into Glue
Life Doesn't Come with A Manual
My Son The Comedian
FDR's Great-Grandson, The Rabbi
Slip Sliding Away
Without G-d Does it Make Sense?
Who Is Stopping You From Living
Orthodox Versus Jewry- Or My Blood is More Jewish
Saudi Sees Long, Bitter Fight Against Terror
The Tree in My Parent's Backyard
This Is Not Your Father's Atari

A Few More Words About My Fiction
More Thoughts From a Four-Year-Old Boy
American POWS and the Nazis
I am Speechless
A Pair of Corpses- The Newest Update
The Death Penalty
Balancing Liberty Versus Security
Israeli Spy Who Captured Nazi Eichmann Dies
Take Her Back In Time
A Reason Not To Monkey Around with Monkeys
The Newest Installment- The Fall From Grace
One More Installment Today- The Broken Window
The Ghosts Of Our Past
When Hatred Prevents Clarity of Thought
Sexual Healing in Japan
Just Tooling Around
Girls Love Their Toys- The Story Continues
What Women Want
Spy Agencies Fear Some Applicants Are Terrorists
A Neocon's Caution
Demographics- Jewish and Otherwise
Tefillin and Acupuncture
Revenge of the Sith- The New Star Wars
A Collection of Interesting Articles
Deep Feeling and Emotion- The Writing
The Dinner Meme
The Chance to Stop a Mass Murderer
Book: Nazis Tested Crude Nuclear Device
Is My Blog a Success.
My Interview
Purim is one of My Favorite Holidays
If Only I could Sing this Well
Corporal Punishment in schools
Terri Schiavo- A Political Pawn
Steroids- The Pitch That Struck Out McGwire
In G-d We Trust- Or It is Ok to Offend People
Struck with A Stick- Books, Books, Books
The Boy Pummeled Me
What Does Jewish Law Say About Saving a Life- Pikuach Nefesh
Can Terrorists Become Politicians?
He Thought I was a Girl
A Purim Prophecy- The Nazis
The Origin of Garden Gnomes
The Original South Park- The Spirit of Christmas
A Life of No Regrets
Slinging Mud at The Wall To See What Sticks
Does Having Children Prevent an Active Sex Life
Sex, Death, And Crap
Hindsight is 20/20 But you Cannot Change the Past
Separation of Church and State- Fuzzy Logic
I Feel Your Pain And I Share My Own
The Junior High Legend of the Hula Hoop
When A Fool Speaks Part 2
A Sex Slave
Woman Convicted of Rape
The Presbyterian Church & Divestment from Israel
New Design Could Transform 1st Bike Ride
Crusing Corporate Cuisine
My Penis Died
Late Night Thoughts & Ramblings
Stay-At-Home Moms Deserve High Pay, Analysis Shows
It is My Life- Frustration
Performance-enhancing contact lenses?
Curious George- A Family Favorite
Divestment From Israel Part II
Provincial Idiocy- Gay Marriage
Pa. Eatery Offers New 15-Pound Burger
Profiling Terrorists
Songs For Monday Evening May 2, 2005
Math Skills for Hollywood Productions
I Am a Snob
I Used To Fly
The Healing Field
Jack The Ripper- Sailor?
Star Wars- The Little Boy Lives
Common Interests- Some Favorite Things
Blogfusion and Blogstration
Texas Legislature- Misplaced Priorities
A Religious Post- The Greatest Miracle
The Teacher Salary Myth
The Frustration of Blogging
Oklahoma City- What if there Was A Third Bomber
More About The Oklahoma City Bombing
Yom Hashoah
Mean Girls Start Young
Triage For a Goldfish- Resuscitating The Fish
Thoughts About Fragments of Fiction
Elvis, The iPod and Darth Vader
Star Wars Versus Lord of The Rings- Which has Had the Bigger Impact
Parents You Never Really Outgrow Them
The Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Discussion Spinoff
Trapped In The Stall- Embarrassing Moments
The Beatles- Covers That Well...Suck
Missed Opportunities, Second Chances & More
Working the Cowbell
Women & Shoes- What is the Deal
Movie Quotes, Johnny & Willie
Appeasement Versus Imperial Intentions
A Father's Fear/Concern
Dating Etiquette
Reality TV Rejects: What Happens Afterward
I am Still Laughing At This Story
I am Disappointed With What I read
Anger Management
It Is Time To Wander Again
Peace In Israel- Not With this Kind of Talk
Qadhafi: There is No Global Terrorism, Just Islamic Terrorism
Do Men Have Emotions?
'Deep Throat' Revealed
The Book Meme
What difference does his religion make?
Our Experience Colors Reality
I Love L.A.
A Guilty Conscience
Urine For a Story
A Blogiversary
Cell Phone Etiquette- Cellphone Rage
I Fought The Electronic Octopus
Jewish Geography
Yom Yerushalayim Day
A New Blog- A Jewish Connection
Davening For Dollars
The Long And Winding Road
Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct
The Long And Winding Road Part Two
The Long and Winding Road Part Three
Daddy, They Have Mommy's Purse
I have Been Violated
Rule Based Upon The Law
A Grouch and A Grinch
Good Enough, But Not Great
Da Vinci- The Search for The Missing Painting
Do You Represent All Jews
To My Children
Do You Stand "In Line" or "On Line"
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes
My List of Things About Me
I Yelled At G-d
Refusal, Disengagement, Civil War, Uprising, The Shame
A Mental Lapse
Blogging for Ego, For Experience, For What
Saying Goodbye- I don't like it
What Is Up With The Cat Blogs/Pictures
The Supreme Court- What You See May Not be What you Get
The Frustration of Car Ownership
Pat Buchanan Is a Scary Man
The War on Terror is Not Time Sensitive
An Unwitting Purveyor of Porn
The Car Salesman
A Collection of Posts that Have Caught my Eye
Sex And Blogging- My 'R' Rated Post Woohoo
How Well Do You Really Know Me
The Power Of Language- Re: Is President Bush Evil
My Favorite Stores- Trader Joe's & Costco
The London Bombing
My Penis is Sad
A New Car- A Tale of Woe or is it Whoa!
The Mayor of London is an Idiot
Harry Potter- I Really Enjoyed It
Costco- A Look Inside
The Life I Could of Had
Separated But Still on the Same Side
Thoughts About Terrorism
Last of WWII Comanche Code Talkers Dies
Learn To Live With What You Can't Rise Above
You Should Be a Rabbi Continued
The Blog Goes Round and Round
Giving Hitler Hell
Am I The Father I Ought To Be
The Shmata Queen & The Beach
What A Bomb Does To You
You Can Learn From Anyone
At Peace with Myself

Me & The UItimate Fighter- Road Rage
Teach Your Children to...Swear
Zarqawi focusing sights on Europe
Man forced to have sex at gunpoint
Frantic Blogging
Seven Years Ago Today
Rough Toilet Paper/Getting Dressed in the Dark
Bathroom Etiquette- A Follow Up to The Courtesy Post
I like To Debate, Or Should I Say Argue
The Auto Flush
People Who Don't Get It
The American Lion/Elephant
Remembering Leo Frank
Playing Games With Telemarketers
What The Hell Happened to Courtesy
My Son & The Strip Club
Pictures of the Disengagement
The Story of Two Souls Continued
The Burning Love
Stop Insulting The Midwest
The Sloppy Kisser
Moments When I feel Closest To G-d
Don't Hate Me Because I Live In California
My Son Made Me A Whoopie Cushion
The Line- Manners, Accents & More
The Story of Two Souls
Blessing My Children
The Anguish of Disengagement
Proselytization And The Rules of The Shack
Putting It All In Perspective
Building The Blog
Scenes From a Car
My Screenplay
Stay tuned for part II.